First Generation Kid meets Fourth Generation kid!

Kartik Dore shares

CHENNAI /28th Feb 2018
Dear Nandu,
           We got a call last night from
     Gippy, that he’d like one pic of his
     with Devika to be put in T-O-D ,
     with the caption ” First Gen meets
     Fourth  “. This happened on 12th Feb
     last, when Gippy visited Poornima’s
     Wadala flat & met Devika, Poornima
      & me. We had a great time ,and Devika
     took to Gippy, as if she knew him.
       I’ve sent you 2 video clips & a few
     snaps on WhatsApp.
            Let’s hope for the best.Thanks.
               Affly & with regards,
                               Kartik Anna