Babu’s Bakwas



Sorry Herr Immanuel Kant if I have a categorical imperative to rationalize on you. That is exactly the point.
In my Ethics course a fellow was found cheating in the test. The question was an exercise on how to distinguish between Good and Right. He failed because what he did was good but not right. But that is exactly what the course taught us to choose.
My professor of Finance was lecturing extolling the virtues of risk taking. He explained how risk taking is so important to success as most of us are averse of doing that. I raised my hand and asked him if risk taking is just a euphemism for gambling. He flushed on his face. He said I deserved to get a D in his course if I asked such a question. I mustered enough courage to weakly respond saying I was sorry to have taken the risk of asking that question. I rested my case.
Distinction between Right and Good is not the same as the conundrum of Ends and Means. It is the goal itself that can be good or right.
The two terms of President Obama were so perfectly good. He epitomized all that America wants to be or thinks it is.
On the other hand, President Trump couldn’t care less. To some people he may even appear weird. He is so imperfect. That is why he is so right. He epitomizes what America truly is.
What is rationally perfect is not right. Failings are perfectly human.
It was at the Senate’s Iran Contra hearing. I think it was Senator Walter Rudman who made a remark that hit my solar plexus like a ton of bricks. He told, Oliver North might have been right, and the Congress might have been wrong, but the Congress has a constitutional right to be wrong which he cannot take away.
Just imagine if Earth were to go around the Sun in a perfect circle and revolved on a perfectly perpendicular axis how would it be. It is those little imperfections that make life possible. Those are the causes for seasons, Shakespeares, Miltons, sonnets. romance and music.
One president got fellatio from a barely legal intern under his charge. Another president paid and got unprotected sex from a porn star.
Let the conservative right-wing Evangelicals figure who was right and who was good.
Next time please rationally and consciously mix measured amount of imperfection to whatever you do to make it perfectly imperfect. Else Gods might feel challenged and angels may weep.