Camp Jamshedpur /27th Aug 2018

Dear family, time indeed flies with wings -It seems like yes’day that the 2-day wedding”n’CHN was followed by ‘Bou-bhath at Kolkata; for Poornima & Sourav.But 8 years have rolled by .It all became possible with help & blessings from TDN/Nat/ Dore families coming together.We wish P & S gr8 anniv. & ask you to forward or respond as you wish. Both are achievers & the duo are now a trio !

With luv & blessings,

Lakshmi and Kartik

.... Music by OPNayyar & lyrics by Qamar Jalalabadi for the song quoted by Babu Chittapa "Homre Banglades mein har Gori ke lambey baal, Luchirey Pakodey Daal,Lokkhy nachey taley-taley, Khay shudhu Machchi-Daal khay-go, shudu khaygo! " Main bangaali chokra Karun pyaar ko Nomoskarom; Main madraasi chokri Mujhe tumsey pyaarum " ....

– it was 1957-58 I think, long before East
Pakistan was renamed Bangladesh !

Dear Babu – Chittappa – Ruma kaki,
We continue to cherish the wonderful
occasion, when you both & A-A made it
to Chennai, to attend the wedding in spite
of time constraints. In fact, the group
photo assembly did take more time as
the ‘Bride’ was in the changing room, and
you all rushed to the Airport from the
Mandapam on Fri 27th Aug ’10, eight years
ago to date.

It was historic for the T-O-D family that the
4 chittappas( RCD, PCD, Gippy & you) could
participate in ‘ Naandhi ‘ ritual and the
Muhurtham over the 2 days,just to bless us
both & the newly-weds.My Ammaji was
delighted beyond words ! To have the senior-
most Radha Chitti & Ruma Kaki in the
Mandapam was indeed a Bonus. The other
noted elders to grace the wedding were
Manohar & Shridhar chittappas,with Suguna
& the large ‘Koratti’ clan of Jeji mama.As
tweeted by Suresh on WA, it was indeed
a large ‘phamily’ gathering.

To do justice to the song quoted above, the
Muhurtham at Chennai was followed by the
‘Bou – bhath’ceremony (& a grand Reception)
at Kolkata; and where a ” Vegetarian ” Fish
( Cooked Vegetables shaped like a fish !)
was served for us vegetaians. So we did
have ” Machchi Daal ” for lunch that Sunday !

With regards & Namaskarams,
Yours Affly, Lakshmi and Kartik