From the archives – Group photo 1940

Babu, I am trying to locate a Dore family picture taken in Hyderabad sometime around 1941. The entire Dore family is in the picture and so is our family, my mother standing and Lalita, Manohar and me, all sitting down upfront. Manohar has his index finger on his cheek and I am sitting right in the middle as a two year old with a laddoo in my hand.

It was in our family album but all that was lost in the Lucknow flood in 1971. Would be vey grateful if you can fish it out from TOD and send it to me.
Thanks and all the best to you and the family,


Family group photo attached. Enjoy Shridhar chitappa!

-Nandagopal Doré

Awesome, thanks! Nandu. Exactly what I was looking for!


Thank you for your prompt response hitting target on bull’s eye.
Kudos. 👍 🙏
BTW I like to believe I am also in this picture though cannot be perceived. 😄
-Raj Dore

From the archives – Vichanna’s Corner


By V. C. Doré 

Tandoori Tales from Tamil Naadu

I have been reading a lot on Hindu mythology of late and this Khushboo (yah Nasha!) and Suhasini controversy made me look back on the different epics. The subject of sexuality and pre martial and post marital or extra marital sex has been openly depicted in many and unlike other cultures ( present-day Tamil Culture!) , have never tried to hide it or put it under the carpet. In my last articlce I gave only a few examples. Indeed such instances of “licentious” behavior and sexual expediency have been culturally honored in ancient India. Pre marital sex not a big deal any way.! When girls and boys reach puberty at 14 and 18 respectively and pursue profession and higher education and do not marry till nearing 30 or above , do you expect then to be virgins!?

Take the case of Urvashi ( the name given to a exquisitely beautiful woman )or another damsel Rambaiy. In the oldest Indian Book in the RigVeda, the King Purvaras ,incidentally. a married man had an affair with Urvashi, without a purohit! And saath pheri. In one of the passages it is claimed that Urvashi copulated with Purvaras three times in day even without the aid of Viagra! The commentator narrates that this misadventure?) befell Urvashi because of ever handy mystic device Saapam . The rishis Varuna and Mitra excited by the charms of Urvashi , both ejaculated, simultaneously! That must have been an great engineering feat!

This act produced Rishi Agastya. Because of the Unfair curse Urvashi was sent to earth to be mortal beings – Aishvarya rai or Kajol You can guess!

The above are little known episodes. But here are well known stories of Vishwammitra’s Tapas to become brahma rishi ,was spoilt by Gods ,when they sent the proverbial Menaka(not to be mistaken for sardarini Maneka wife of late Sanjay Gandhi) to get Vishwamtira aroused .The result was Shakuntala .She had a premarital sex with King Dushyantha. They had a son Bharat. The BJP can proudly call our country India that is Bharat .In our religious ceremonies we chant Bharatavarshe Bharata Khande. It seems we Indians never had properly married relationships/.The forbidden fruit always tastes better.

I will be accused of blasphemy when I talk of the main character of Bhagwat Gita. Pravin Togadia and other Hindu stalwarts will protest. I admire Shri Krishna Bhagwan for his extraordinary strength and prowess in seducing 16,000 Gopis .Among the Gopis the most prominent Radha—a married woman. In Today Laws She will be charged with adulterous relation even with a God under the Hindu law( applicable to only Hindus!).Radha is so well acclaimed that in many part of Benares and UP it is common way of greetings Radhe Shyam. Against some religions and even in Hinduism sex was meant only for procreations is all hogwash- it is evident from the mythology that sex was primarily for pleasure .

I will now say something for which I will be —-? Did any of you know that Vishnu had two wives. One was Laxmi the goddess of wealth .When Vishnu looked for a good hill station he chose Tirumalai ( Tirpathi) No doubt a wonderful cool place. When he was searching for the right spot he fell for a local beauty and wanted to marry her name is Padmavathi. But how could Laxmi agree to stay in the same place with Padmaavthi ? So Vishnu made home for her at the foot of the hill Tiruchanur.. However Vishnu had to pay heavy price for this compromise .Laxmi(goddess of Wealth) would not part with any money for this illicit deal. So Krishna had to borrow from Kubera ( the federal bank!)That is how a Hundi( the tall white bag) at Tirupathi which daily collects crores of Rupees.,Vishu still paying Kubera for his indiscretion. For every story there is authority(?) This you will find in one of the small books on sale at Turpathi –Sthaalpuranam. All this only proves the tolerance of Hindus which the Tamil are unnecessarily talibanising. Laxmi was willing to remain married to Vishnu but Padmavathi had to stay in a Chinna veedu officially recognized for the second woman. in Tamil households.

Have you ever heard of King Vichitraviray? He died before he could make his two wives conceive.—Ambika and Ambalika. Vichitravirya’s mother Satyavathi (what a perfect name for Truth!)who was keen to “vamsahvriddhi” asked his own son(?) Veda Vyasa ( also illegitimate—son of Parashar and the fisherwoman Matsya kandi- Like father like son! to impregnate the two women !.As dutiful son Vyasa did as he was told-( How I wish we had such convenient mothers!).As opposed to normal Yoga this is known as Niyoga This resulted in two sons. .Ambika was so afraid that she closed her eyes- Drhritarashtara was born blind. The other,Ambalika shivered and the son born was with skin trouble. Then the mother sent the maid servant who enjoyed herself and Vidura the wise man was born( proves that the best progeny is born out of pleasant and satisfying sex!),Among Reddi communities in Andhra, even today, it is custom to send maidservant to the prospective bridegroom to check his performance!. All of them were born out of boon bound deities and not their mother’s husband.! I have already stated in my last article about Karna – like present day examples of unprotected sex results in unwanted pregnancies. Today’s Tamil operas state even in unwanted pregnancies, they want to keep their boy friends child-, against pressure to abort see Asai ,Anandam, Kolangal

Adi Sankara who was truly enlightened who wrote many treatises on Advaita Philosophy and Vivekachudamani on Self and non Self has written a beautiful book Saunderya Lahiri- I could not imagine how Sankara who never had sex or liaison with ay woman could write beautifully the charms of a woman in his sensually lyrical verses on Devi .

The temples of Khajuraho . is a classic example. The child widow Hemavathi was ravished by Moon God and that is the start of Rajput dynasty Chandela.

Hinduism is a very frank and liberal religion and talibanisation is indeed very shameful

Yatha bhootha prajanathi. See the Truth as it is.



Chennai / 15th May ’18

Dear Family,


It’s unbelievable, but true that 50 years have
rolled by since that hot day in JAMSHEDPUR
at Madrassi Sammelani on 24th May 1968,
when the two of us tied the knot,with all the
hard work & blessings from our parents. In
our 3rd Generation of Dores, being the first
couple to have married (also first-born) has
its’ own responsibilities & rewards ! In a way
the two of us have completed a CENTURY of
partnership( Kuch Tere Dil mein 50 ; Kuch
Merey Dil mein 50, Zamana hai Burraa !)- ref
Geeta Dutt song from C- I- D (1956).

Over the years, it has been a Roller-Coaster
ride,at times breathless & at times trying for
us, with many milestones, places, people, &
opportunities – as also some hits & many
misses (puns intended) ! Perhaps it’s a case
of sheer survival ( meaning each other !).

Family and friends, as also people in general,
have always meant more to us than career
or tangible milestones…we’ve benefitted a
lot from the guidance of elders, care-givers,
teachers, mentors, friends & Gurus in our
lives,who inspired us to be what we are 2day.

We acknowledge, accept & cherish with
humility & gratitude all that we received and
continue to receive in life. In particular, we remember the love & care given by our parents, the DORE, NATARAJAN & TDN (short for TD Narayana Iyer) Elders/family members.

Our global family tree extends from Palakkad,
North Arcot (Vellore) & Mayuram to Irvine, San
Francisco, Dubai,Southampton,Dallas,Chicago, New Jersey, Mumbai,Jamshedpur, Seattle, Torrance, as also to Pleasanton, Pasadena, Puduchery,Bengaluru,Tucson & Panchgani.

In the elders circle,we’re grateful to Ammaji,
Appaji, Natarajan mama(whom we miss so)
and to Radha Chitti,Premchittappa, Gippy,
Rupathai & Babu Chittappa, Viji Periamma, Balai Chitti & Lalitha Mami ,whose blessings we seek ( and also advice, on occasions).In particular, we have to mention the trade- mark DORE humour, which keeps us smiling & going. In fact laughter & music have always helped us so !

In this journey of decades, we remember in our generation Ganesh-Kanchana,Sam-Vanitha, Bobby (Sr),Radha (& late Janardhan), Jaggi-Geeta , Suki – Shashidhar, Satisch – Suchitra , Srinath-Shyama, Sriram – Chithra, Ravi- Kanchana, Sukanya – Narayan, Paramesh – Baby, Rani – Ramakrishnan, Mridu – Shekhar, Aruna – Suresh, Ramanan – Chitra, Anandhi – Sethuraman, Dorai – Malini,Murali- Mythily, Sumita -Saroj (Roy) , Geetha- Chandru, Parvathy (& late Nana) , Mallika – Rajan, Nandu & Suresh – Priya, Hari – Sudha, Ramu – Vidya & Kumar- Vijaya, Ajita – Chander & Shalini ( the list goes on….)

We feel blessed to be reasonably healthy to enjoy some comforts & places;and that
itself warrants a celebration. We hope to
celebrate the next 12 months by visiting
places and meeting as many associates
& family members as we can, subject to
health and Divine Grace. In the first stage,
we’ve planned 12 days this month at West Coast of India at select resorts.Hope to send some pictures periodically.

Do keep us in your thoughts & prayers.
A short acknowledgement will also be

With luv & regards, Kartik & Lakshmi







Met my Vimala Atthai, a few days ago. She is Appanna Thata’s 89 year old niece – daughter of his second youngest sister, Bala (Balatthai to all the younger Dores).

She is Vimalatthanga to the Dores. She is a year older than Ramanna so that makes her our clan’s oldest living member!

Five photos too.

Suguna / Atthai

I realised last week that it’s been more than two years since I met Vimala Atthai. This is a shame because we live in the same city, Chennai and we have always been good friends. She is also my father’s only living relative from his generation. (I count the Dores as my cousins, not my father’s – though they are that. Those who do not understand this complicated and somewhat inbred relationship, go figure…or go to the family tree in the ToD archives). Most of all, she is a lively and warm person and a great conversationalist.

I called Atthai a couple of days ago. We were both very happy to talk to one another after such a long gap. We fixed a time to meet the very next day. Off I went and there she was, ready with her lovely and welcoming smile.

She has been suffering from a weak heart since 2006. A salt-free diet has made her very thin and frail. Probably because of osteoporosis, a few of her vertebrae have got fused as a result of which her spinal column is bent and painful. She also said that the bones around her left shoulder have ‘dissolved’ – ‘karanji pocchu’ . She gets up from bed only to go to the bathroom and to get a little exercise walking around the house or in good weather, in the spacious garden.

Her daughter, Pattamma, whose home is five minutes away, spends all her spare time with her. Vimala Atthai also has a 24-hour companion and help, a bright and friendly young Tamil girl. A young Bihari boy cooks for them. Atthai’s daugher-in-law Padmini, who divides her time between her son’s home in Philadelphia and her own home in Chennai with Atthai has thoughtfully made all these arrangements.

For all her illness, Vimala Atthai is as spirited and hospitable as ever. She even had tiffin, coffee and a gift bag filled with goodies ready for me (at just a day’s notice – I have no idea how she put it together so quickly). No complaints, none of the cynicism one associates with old age, just brimming with affection and goodwill, with eager questions about my family, my brothers, their families and my Dore cousins – even as she just kept on feeding me with Gokulashtami batshanams.

She asked me about my husband and my boys. When I mentioned that my younger son Nikhil and his wife lived in the US, in Seattle, she said with a big knowing smile, “Oh, Seattle!” I thought she was only being polite.

But she shamed and astounded me by adding, “I know Seattle, it is in the Pacific North…Padmini has a relative there, Dr Ramamurthy, with an American wife… Caroline Ramamurthy she calls herself. They used to have a house facing the ocean – I have visited them! Their daughter is named Kanti Caroline Ramamurthy!”

I was flabbergasted! (‘Pacific North’!!). I hope I have such a keen memory when I am 89, which is how old she is. At 68, I am often unable to remember names of places and people from six months ago.

I took some photos and told Atthai I was going to post the pictures and an account of my visit on the ToD. (Please do notice the photo of the goddess Saraswati in the backdrop in the photo of her and me. She was delighted to see it had figured in the picture).

This prompted her to take out a photocopy of a childhood picture of hers. (She knew exactly where it was among her many papers and folders). It was taken when Atthai was seven years old, in Hyderabad Sind. She added that Ramanna had given her the copy years ago.

She went on to tell me the back story to the snapshot. When it was about to be taken, her mother Balachitti (Appanna’s sister) decided to line her eyes with ‘maii’ (a traditional home made kohl made with castor oil soot). The little Vimala had never worn ‘maii’ before. Her eyes started to sting and tears rolled down her cheeks. Appanna chided his sister and told her to leave the child alone and went on to take the picture. “That is why I look so serious and tearful in the photo!” explained Vimala Atthai, laughing at the memory and her immense love and regard for Appanna.

My father Annaji used to say of my aunt Leela Chitti that she was such a good person that she was worthy of worship in a puja room.

I think the same can be said of Vimala Atthai. Such a zest for life, such unconditional love for people, such courage in the face of serious ill health, such genuine and all-embracing kindness towards everybody is indeed rare.

She has said to convey her love and blessings to all the readers of the ToD, especially the senior Dores. So here you go! Suguna Swamy



By Suguna Swamy



Vimalathanga Part 2

After my last visit to meet her and the last ToD feature, I dropped in on her again with my iPad to show her the article and photos online. She loved it!

She gave me many new interesting tidbits.

  • She was born to Balachitti on 25th May 1925 at 7.30 pm. at their home in Singapore. Her father, M. Kuppuswamy Iyer, a linguist, had a job in that polyglot city as an Interpreter in the Police Court. (Balachitti was his second wife as his first wife had died in the course of a fourth childbirth).
  • The attending nurse gave Balachitthi a shot of brandy after the birth. She recalled that Balachitti said that she had felt woozy soon afterwards. The orthodox family became very nervous as they feared that her brain had been addled by alcohol: ‘’moolai kalangiduttho ennamo?’! Of course it was no such thing. Just the neat brandy doing its job!
  • Atthai had had an older sister, Leela, who fell very ill with double pneumonia at the age of about 18 months. A neighbouring Christian family suggested a diet that involved eggs, for the frail baby but the Brahmin family couldn’t dream of it. Soon after that little Leela died; before Vimala was born. The family felt miserably guilty for years wondering if they had done the wrong thing by not accepting the suggestion of feeding eggs to the baby.
  • Leela was said to be a beautiful and smart child. Relatives kept comparing Vimala Atthai to her and found her wanting. I, for one, cannot imagine a child who could have been more charming than our Vimala, she of grace and a sunny temperament!
  • In 1929 her father died. He left a legacy of $10,000 for his unmarried son and daughter’s education and weddings. He was against taking or giving dowry so this was for their expenses alone; and for the upkeep of Balchitti and young Vimala. Before he died, he made Vimala Atthai’s kind, loving and generous step brother, Dr N K Sharma promise to take full care of Balachitthi and little Vimala. This gentleman seems to have been a person of great integrity as Atthai says he was as good as his word.
  • In 1936, Dr Sharma, an ophthalmic surgeon, had to go to London for higher studies. War clouds were looming so he decided that Balachitti and her daughter would be safer in India. They sailed for Madras and he set up a household for them with a relative in Kodambakkam. Vimala was taught at home by an Iyengar lady till the 2nd form.
  • It was her first trip to India. I asked her about her young impressions. She said she just loved travelling in a bullock cart. She also found it curious that men wore earrings (kadukkan)!
  • My father Annaji , her much older first cousin, visited Madras around this time. He drove from Pune in his new Wolseley car. (Must have been grand!) Vimala, about 10 years of age, had just passed the 2nd form. Annaji gifted his little cousin a Blackbird pen; and an alarm clock to encourage her to time her studies! He then drove her to the Marina Beach for a treat. A friend joined them there. She recalls wearing a sky blue frock and enjoying the ride and the beach hugely. The friend said in surprise, Why, Subrahmanyam, I didn’t know you had such a big daughter! Annaji laughed and said, She is not my daughter, she is my Chitti’s daughter, my young cousin.
  • In 1937 she and Balachitti went to Hyderabad Sind for two months. Rajah Chittappa escorted her and Balachitti back and had her admitted to the Lady Sivaswamy School in Mylapore where she went on to study in the 3rd and 4th form. They stayed in the house of Dr N K Sharma (who by that time had probably returned from London?) in Solayappan Mudali Street in Mylpore. Appanna sent Rs. 60 every month (a generous sum in those days, when rice cost under a rupee per maund) to Balachitti for household maintenance.
  • When Vimala Atthai was 14 there was much anxiety that she may not find a suitable bridegroom as she was born with sevvai dosham (i.e.under the malevolent astrological influence of Mars; a Manglik ). When a proposal came from a fine man with the same dosham, V G Krishnamurthy, Appanna and other older members of the family considered it seriously as two such doshams cancelled one another! So they went ahead with the marriage even though VGK was 14 years older than young teenager Vimala. She recalls that Appanna gifted her a beautiful green georgette saree with full zari for the wedding!

-Suguna Swamy

Notes on some of the photos

  • Murali was a nephew of Vimala Atthai in Singapore. The bride is his Chinese wife Gloria whom he married in 1970.
  • The book launch referred to is that of Balachitti’s volume of poetry titled ‘Garland of Verses’. Vichanna, along with C R Pattabhiraman,eminent advocate and politician, Vimala Atthai’s sambandhi and a leading figure of the North Arcot community was present at the launch.
  • Seethamma was Vimala Atthai’s daughter in law Padmini’s sister. She and her husband Thyagu (‘Burmah Shell’ Thyagu) were drowned in quicksand in Marwe Beach near Mumbai on 17 September 1958. The photo shows the couple and VGK and Vimala Atthai, in happier times.
  • Incidentally, Thyagu was the son of a not very honorable judge named A K Ramachandran. One should not speak ill of the dead but this is now history so I take the liberty of saying this: apparently my father Annaji referred to this person as ‘Akrama Ramachandran’!


Family pays Tributes to Vimalathanga



     It’s with a heavy heart that I watched
     Mami’s grand-nephew Suresh Kumar
     complete her cremation 3 days ago.
     Dr Nanditha, Dr Chinni Krishna, Krishna
     Kumar, Subramanian & Manohar were
     there among others at hand, as moral
     support to Ramaa, Pattamma,Nagu,
     Bhawani & young Siva. An era ended
     that day.
     Today Pattamma called to inform about
      the ‘Shubha-Sweekaram’ to be held at
      Mami’s residence on Sun 29th April.We
      shall certainly attend & pay our respects
      to the departed soul.
     Ultimately we’re overwhelmed by what
     the Almighty has chosen for each of us.
     And we have to accept that verdict in a
    state of “surrender”.
    With her endearing kindness, charming
    transparency & embodiment of child-like
    love ,Mami won & ruled our hearts for
    decades; and shall remain a role model
    for our lives.Equally notable was the total
    dedication and love showered on her by
    you, Ramaa & Pattamma to look after her
    at The Grove over the years.
     We close with a prayer and hope that we
     all get strength and courage, to deal with
     the irreplaceable vacuum that Mami has
     left behind.May her ‘Atma’ merge into the
          Yours in mourning,
                                           Kartik- Lakshmi
                            ( with Poornima- Sourav )

Padmini Balagopal

2oth April 2018

Dear Karthik and Lakshmi,
What kind words, expressions and thoughts have been expressed by you , Karthik. Thank you and thank you both for always treating her with such respect that she always felt very good about her family and their treatment of her.
She is being sorely missed every minute of the day
Ever fondly

Nandu Dore
20th April 2018

Very rich tributes my dear Anna.

She was very popular within family circles




Every poll has their mark

A Handful Of Senior Citizens Has Voted In Each General Election Since 1951

Vimala Krishnamurti rarely steps out of her house on Eldams Road in Chennai, but the 88-year-old has been doing her physiotherapy exercises twice a day so that she can make it to the polling booth on Thursday.  “I want to be fit enough to go there using my walking stick,” says Vimala, who has not missed casting her vote in any election since 1951. “I remember how excited I was about casting my vote for the very first time,” says Vimala. who first voted in Mumbai for Congress.

Vimala admits she is today confused (about which party to vote for). “I want a good administrator who will work for the people and the welfare of senior citizens and respect women”, says Vimala.

More photos from Suresh Doré:


Taken on Mother's Day May 6, 2016. On her left is Geeta Rao Nyapathi. She is Ashwin's wife Sharda Modur's grandmother. She and late Vimala mami are great-grandmothers to Padmini's grandson.

Jaya Mami


Jayalakshmi Sitaram
(?? 1926 – April 16, 2018 )

Dear family
It is with great sadness I am writing to inform you that Shashi and Kanchana’s Ammaji, Jaya mami to many of you, passed away a couple of hours back in Los Angeles. She will be a huge loss to us all.

Shalini Doré – Apr 17


And this morning we woke up to the news that Kanchana and Shashi’s mother, Jaya mami, passed away overnight due to pneumonia. It caused a second heart attack.

Shalini Doré


Ganesh Doré – Apr 17

Subject: Mrs Jaya Sitaram passed away a short while ago

My Dear PremChithhappa

Mrs Jaya Sitaram passed away a short while ago.
A pioneer bridging the path to modern life from rural Vellore. And a truly nice person.
She was 92.

Shashidhar is here.
Malavika is here from Los Gatos.. Jaideep from Torrance. ( Uma and Shyam also. They have left for Torrance.)

Kartik Doré – Apr 17


Chennai/ 17th April ’18
Dear Shashidhar & Kanch,

We’re sad & shocked to learn that
Jaya Mami is no more.Words seem
to fail us, for a lady who thought &
acted ahead of her times.She was
always composed & dignified, even
during difficult times & her own
ailments.We’ve had wonderful times
and conversations with her.We shall
certainly miss your ‘AMMAJI’.

We all pray for her soul.

Kartik Anna-Lakshmi Manni
(with Poornima & Sourav)

P.S. It’s a double tragedy that we’re losing
two worthy contemporaries on the
same day. We’re both going to Vimala
mami’s home at Teynampet shortly to
pay our respects.


Srinath Doré – 17 Apr


Dear Ganesh Anna and Kanchana
Shashi and Sukki
We are so sorry to hear the sad news . We pray that her soul rests in peace. We will always remember her as a lady full of energy and zest and am glad she didn’t suffer too much in her last days .


Srinath and Shyama on behalf of Prem Chitappa


Nandu Doré- Apr 17


This news took me by surprise for sure as Jaya mami’s most recent pics showed her up and about without any external aids.

Reminds me of my own troubled times when we lost my Appaji and Priya
manni’s father within days and I do share the pain.

Its a sad loss indeed and its their everlasting smiling, cheerful
faces is what I’ll remember them by.


Ganesh Doré – Apr 17

Two stalwarts from the 1920 Era


Suresh Doré – Apr 17


Dear Ganesh and Kanchana,
We are deeply saddened to hear about the demise of Jaya mami also known as Ammaji. We have met her a couple of times during Malavika’s and Brian’s engagement function at Madras Gymkhana in 2007 and Jaideep’s and Uma’s Meet and Greet function in Bengaluru in December 2009. We got opportunities to really know her well only during these instances since she had already migrated to the US.

She was a bright lady with a refreshing smile and always ready with a a family anecdote or two to build an instant bond of friendship. Priya also remembers her as an excellent singer doing several group bhajans as part of satsangs. It is amazing that both the matriarchs who passed away today, Vimala Krishamurthi and Jaya Sitaram were at ripe old age of 92 across the continents.

May their souls rest in peace.

Suresh and Priya

Kanchana and Jaya mami(partly hidden) watching Jaideep-Uma ceremony




Vimala Krishnamurthy

( May 25, 1925 – April 17, 2018 )

17th April 2018 / CHENNAI

Dear Family,
              We just got the sad news that Mrs Vimala Krishnamurthy, w/o Late VG Krishnamurthy passed away a few hours ago, at her ELDAMS ROAD residence. She had been ailing for months.She is survived by her 2 daughters Ramaa & Rukmini( Pattamma) and daughter-in-law Padmini Balagopal.

Further details are awaited.

We pray for her soul. KARTIK-LAKSHMI

Rupa Dore&acute – Apr 16


A great lady! May her soul rest in peace.

Famous quote from my father and Vimalathanga .When she got married and
was about to leave she asked Appanna to give her some “nalla buddhi”
and he said ” Just keep your own buddhi!”-That is all you need!

Thanks for the rare photos, Suresh. She was very pretty all her life
till the end.


Shridhar Subrahmanyam -Apr 16


A wonderful woman who was always smiling and our last link to that generation. My condolences to the near relatives. May her soul rest in peace.


Suresh Doré – Apr 16

k-anna, sad news indeed. She was the only north arcot link between my father and mother prior to their marriage. My condolences to the bereaved family.

Caption: Vimala mami, Padmini Balagopal(Vimala mami’s daughter-in-law) and Priya unable to decide on the menu at Creams Centre restaurant August 2009

Vimala Krishnamurthy and singer Parimala Gurumuthy share a quiet moment together in Saraswathi Akka’s centenary celebrations in December 2010 at Eldams Road

Shalini Doré – Apr 16

So sorry to hear this. Condolences may be sent to Rama Rajagopalan.

Satisch Doré – Apr 17

A great and graceful lady blessed with wonderful good cheer, mirth and laughter. Her Eldams Road residence was a must-unannounced stop for Babaji on our returns to Venus and the doors were always open. I have only good memories of my time with Attai and family, not just in Eldams Road, but also in Tarrytown NY with Padminiji and family who were kind enough to host me in the 80s for a brief visit. It’s a huge loss! Condolences to the family, may her soul Rest In Peace.


Raj Doré – Apr 17

Sorry to hear that please convey heartfelt condolences.

Srinath Doré – Apr 17

Sorry to hear Appaji and all of us send our condolences and we pray her Soul rests in peace

Sameer Nagarajan – Apr 17
So sorry to hear this. Our heartfelt condolences.

Sharat Wins Award


By Sharat Chander 

For helping get 5G done in a hurry.
5th Generation of Mobile Wireless.
The next step to your 4G & LTE and such that you use on your mobile.
All due to your blessings!
Thank you, Ammaji, Mami (Mrs. Jay)& Mama (Dr. Jay).


Rupa Doré - 10 Apr


I am bursting with pride! Bless you !


Nandagopal Doré - Apr 11


I think you got the rough end of the stick.
I would not have settled for anything less than a Noble prize!

Good job regardless.


Sharat Chander


Novel idea, yaar.

But, it wouldn't be the Nobel Prize, it would be the No-Bull prize - haha!

On second thought, it would be the Full-of-Bull prize 😂