Rupa Dore´ ( July 12, 1936 – Dec 26, 2018)


Chennai / 28th dec 2018

Dear Sharat , Ajita & Shali,

It’s with a heavy heart that we’re coming to term with the fact that our beloved Rupathai is no more. I knew her from her college days in Udaipur. Being the only daughter among 7 sons made her a very special aunt (athai) and the centre of all attention.She was good at academics & equally adept at singing and dancing.

I particularly remember her humour & sharp intellect. She was also in the small group of Bollywood diehard fans, who are active till today , ready to quiz & be quizzed.

Her support to the T-O-D website since its inception is well- known.

One little known fact is that during her B’lore days, she created & operated a shop “Om Boutique” successfully for some years,before migrating to usa.

These are the fleeting thoughts, mixed with sad feelings on the big void left by beloved Rupathai.

Lakshmi manni & Poornima join me in our condolences. May the almighty give you the strength to bear this irreparable loss !

Yours affly ,

Kartik (anna)

Very sad to hear this unbearable loss. This is not a wound that time can heal. Hopefully your father is holding out fine. Let me know if I can do anything for y’all.

Thank you dear athai for teaching and showing me the art of humility.

Thank you athai for teaching me tact and political correctness when connecting with family or with the rest of the world for that matter.

Thank you for showering with so much affection and gifts that I begin to doubt if I even deserve all or any of this. I can only hope your blessings are with me for time to the power of infinity.

Thank you for introducing me to the stature of Sri Raju Bharatan and to Sri Ameen Sayani. I’d probably not be featured in a magazine without your intervention.

What more can I say other than thank you for lighting up my world.

Regds, Nandu