Chennai / 15th May ’18

Dear Family,


It’s unbelievable, but true that 50 years have
rolled by since that hot day in JAMSHEDPUR
at Madrassi Sammelani on 24th May 1968,
when the two of us tied the knot,with all the
hard work & blessings from our parents. In
our 3rd Generation of Dores, being the first
couple to have married (also first-born) has
its’ own responsibilities & rewards ! In a way
the two of us have completed a CENTURY of
partnership( Kuch Tere Dil mein 50 ; Kuch
Merey Dil mein 50, Zamana hai Burraa !)- ref
Geeta Dutt song from C- I- D (1956).

Over the years, it has been a Roller-Coaster
ride,at times breathless & at times trying for
us, with many milestones, places, people, &
opportunities – as also some hits & many
misses (puns intended) ! Perhaps it’s a case
of sheer survival ( meaning each other !).

Family and friends, as also people in general,
have always meant more to us than career
or tangible milestones…we’ve benefitted a
lot from the guidance of elders, care-givers,
teachers, mentors, friends & Gurus in our
lives,who inspired us to be what we are 2day.

We acknowledge, accept & cherish with
humility & gratitude all that we received and
continue to receive in life. In particular, we remember the love & care given by our parents, the DORE, NATARAJAN & TDN (short for TD Narayana Iyer) Elders/family members.

Our global family tree extends from Palakkad,
North Arcot (Vellore) & Mayuram to Irvine, San
Francisco, Dubai,Southampton,Dallas,Chicago, New Jersey, Mumbai,Jamshedpur, Seattle, Torrance, as also to Pleasanton, Pasadena, Puduchery,Bengaluru,Tucson & Panchgani.

In the elders circle,we’re grateful to Ammaji,
Appaji, Natarajan mama(whom we miss so)
and to Radha Chitti,Premchittappa, Gippy,
Rupathai & Babu Chittappa, Viji Periamma, Balai Chitti & Lalitha Mami ,whose blessings we seek ( and also advice, on occasions).In particular, we have to mention the trade- mark DORE humour, which keeps us smiling & going. In fact laughter & music have always helped us so !

In this journey of decades, we remember in our generation Ganesh-Kanchana,Sam-Vanitha, Bobby (Sr),Radha (& late Janardhan), Jaggi-Geeta , Suki – Shashidhar, Satisch – Suchitra , Srinath-Shyama, Sriram – Chithra, Ravi- Kanchana, Sukanya – Narayan, Paramesh – Baby, Rani – Ramakrishnan, Mridu – Shekhar, Aruna – Suresh, Ramanan – Chitra, Anandhi – Sethuraman, Dorai – Malini,Murali- Mythily, Sumita -Saroj (Roy) , Geetha- Chandru, Parvathy (& late Nana) , Mallika – Rajan, Nandu & Suresh – Priya, Hari – Sudha, Ramu – Vidya & Kumar- Vijaya, Ajita – Chander & Shalini ( the list goes on….)

We feel blessed to be reasonably healthy to enjoy some comforts & places;and that
itself warrants a celebration. We hope to
celebrate the next 12 months by visiting
places and meeting as many associates
& family members as we can, subject to
health and Divine Grace. In the first stage,
we’ve planned 12 days this month at West Coast of India at select resorts.Hope to send some pictures periodically.

Do keep us in your thoughts & prayers.
A short acknowledgement will also be

With luv & regards, Kartik & Lakshmi

5 thoughts on “HALF-CENTURY PARTNERSHIP (& counting)”

  1. Our dears Karthik & Laksmi,

    At the outset we are totally blown away by that amazing write-up. Pity they are not giving Nobel in Literature. It would be hard to beat your narration.

    Congratulations on a great half-century partnership. Keep the flag flying on the mast as you trot towards the century.

    You sure have every reason to look back with great pride and look forward with great hope.

    With all the heartiest good wishes,


    Dores of Oak Point, Texas.

    -Raj Dore Tue, May 15, 2018 at 1:12 PM

  2. Dear Kartikanna and Lakshmi manni,

    Very happy to be in receipt of this joyous news, meticulously documented. Hearty congratulations, and affectionate best wishes for the next 50!

    Satisch – Suchi – Abhishek @ Zürich

    Tue, May 15, 2018 at 1:16 PM

  3. Congratulations Karthik Anna and Lakshmi Manni . What a wonderful milestone to cross! Wishing you both many more years of good health and happiness.
    Aruna and Suresh

    Tue, May 15, 2018 at 8:30 PM

  4. Dear Kartik Anna,
    It is certainly a momentous occasion and we are indeed united now as a family(inner circle, outer circle and greater circle) in celebrating
    your golden jubilee wedding anniversary with Lakshmi manni. Over the years since the advent of email you have regaled us with eloquent
    writing both covering events within the the family in particular and news events at large in general.

    You have always believed in sharing your thoughts feelings and emotions which in turn sometimes snowballed into a cascade of family chatter
    all for the sake of well-being of the family. Here is wishing you all the best in your anniversary and

    embellishing with a golden moment from Vellore taken
    on 5 November 2013.
    -Suresh Dore
    Tue, May 15, 2018 at 9:05 PM

  5. Dear Karthik anna and Lakshmi manni,
    Congrats and wishing you both a fantastic time ahead filled with happiness and health.It is indeed a great milestone and really enjoyed reading your journey.
    Lots of love and Appaji sends his wishes.

    Sat, May 19, 2018 at 3:09 AM

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