From the archives – Group photo 1940

Babu, I am trying to locate a Dore family picture taken in Hyderabad sometime around 1941. The entire Dore family is in the picture and so is our family, my mother standing and Lalita, Manohar and me, all sitting down upfront. Manohar has his index finger on his cheek and I am sitting right in the middle as a two year old with a laddoo in my hand.

It was in our family album but all that was lost in the Lucknow flood in 1971. Would be vey grateful if you can fish it out from TOD and send it to me.
Thanks and all the best to you and the family,


Family group photo attached. Enjoy Shridhar chitappa!

-Nandagopal Doré

Awesome, thanks! Nandu. Exactly what I was looking for!


Thank you for your prompt response hitting target on bull’s eye.
Kudos. 👍 🙏
BTW I like to believe I am also in this picture though cannot be perceived. 😄
-Raj Dore

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