Sharat Wins Award


By Sharat Chander 

For helping get 5G done in a hurry.
5th Generation of Mobile Wireless.
The next step to your 4G & LTE and such that you use on your mobile.
All due to your blessings!
Thank you, Ammaji, Mami (Mrs. Jay)& Mama (Dr. Jay).


Rupa Doré - 10 Apr


I am bursting with pride! Bless you !


Nandagopal Doré - Apr 11


I think you got the rough end of the stick.
I would not have settled for anything less than a Noble prize!

Good job regardless.


Sharat Chander


Novel idea, yaar.

But, it wouldn't be the Nobel Prize, it would be the No-Bull prize - haha!

On second thought, it would be the Full-of-Bull prize 😂


Swach Bharat Abhiyan



KS Ramadorai


Dear Suguna,
Very proud to read this write up in “Adyar Talk”

It is commendable that Chander has found time
to do this thankless public service .
Pl convey my appreciation to him.

Best Regards
KS Ramadorai


KS Ramadorai

Dear Nandu,
I am forwarding an article in local Adyar magazine
Appreciating the good work done by Sri Chanderswamy (Suguna is his better half)
There is a connected website which further give details of tiruvanmiyur beach cleaning initiative taken by Chander.
I thought u could include these details

Suguna Swamy

Dear Nandu,

Here is the link to Chander’s CSR project.

There are photos (as well).
Thank you so much for your interest, especially in these times.

Suguna Atthai


Swachh Beach project

Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

How it works, why it works


The biggest learning


From the PM to senior CoC officials all authorities are candid in stating that the country’s Swachh Bharat objectives cannot be achieved by the government alone. Citizens and corporates have actively to support civic bodies in their efforts.

The new, improved New Beach Road area is an example of this new ecology. Rialto Enterprises, the residents of the neighbourhood all work in a spirit of collaboration and amity. There lies the success of the project.


Recognition from the PMO


The Thiruvanmiyur Beach CSR initiative was listed among the six most dynamic Swachh Bharat (‘Clean India’) citizens’ projects by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Office in 2015.

A team from the PMO paid a surprise visit to the area again in 2017 and reported that not only was the project alive, it had grown even more robust since the team’s first visit two years earlier.

Beside the second longest beach in the world, in Southern India, stands the tropical city of Chennai. Chennai generates 3,200 tonnes of waste every day.

Spearheaded by Chander Swamy, CEO of Rialto, the effort very soon gained momentum. A number of residents signed up voluntarily, contributing generously in time and resources.

In February 2015, Rialto Enterprises, a global partner of Procter & Gamble Co. chose the neighbourhood of New Beach Road, a densely populated area of one sq. km by the Thiruvanmiyur beachfront for its Swachh (‘Clean’) Beach project.

Beach sands after deep cleaning


Garbage management


  • 72 small and large garbage bins have been set up on the beachfront.
Re-usable trash sacks on sands
  • 18 large garbage bins have been placed on the residential streets. A compactor truck completes clearance of the bins, every night.
  • The bins are numbered to make it easy to monitor clearing.
Numbered bins, designated spaces
  • In Indian cities and towns, trash is thrown around bins, never into them. As the garbage piles up it becomes loathsome for anybody to approach the bins. The Thiruvanmiyur beachside neighbourhood was no exception to this problem until three years ago. The Rialto crew takes special care to keep the bins and the area around them clean. The bins also get a fresh coat of paint every six months. All this enables residents, their house help and visitors to the beach walk right up to the bins and toss garbage into them, not outside.
Natural green cover, with litter
Natural green cover, litter removed


Trees and shrubs


A total of 415 trees contributed by Rialto employees and the Forest Department were planted in 2015 in the entire area.

Lush, healthy beachfront trees, Dec 2017
Re-usable plant shields for the windy season
New greenery planted after the 2015 floods
High-mast lights for beach safety


Rainwater harvesting


In December 2015, Chennai was hit by torrential monsoon rains, causing devastation not seen since 1918. Shock waves ran through the entire city and suburbs, including Thiruvanmiyur which being a low lying area was heavily waterlogged.

Plans were presented to the Corporation of Chennai in the construction of a new system and re-laying of the road. During the following monsoon New Beach Road was completely dry within a couple of hours of heavy rainfall.

Porous tiling, grates for water harvesting
Well-maintained toilet


Safe weekend traffic


A designated vendor zone and a weekend car-free beachfront was created in 2016, with the help of Chennai Police.

Barricades for car-free zone
A coat of paint for the benches
Simple signposts to raise eco-awareness




Residents contribute generously towards miscellaneous monthly expenses at an average of Rs.48,000 per month.

Read here the news report on 25/07/2016 in Chennai’s leading paper, The Hindu Metroplus


By Koratti Ramadorai

Email: Koratti Ramadorai




My brother Nagu’s daughter Deepa was born on march 3 rd at Vellore under the grand paternal care of Narasingha Rao & Saraswathi. Deepa might have derived the inner inspiration from both paternal and maternal side. Neeraja & her sister were well groomed towards musical lines, and so were her aunts(athais). Deepa started her liking for Veena at the early age while she was in 7th std. Her first Guru was her mother’s cousin sister living in Mylapore( Heart of carnatic music). Later due to Nagu’s transferable job in the bank, she could not persue until her graduation in 1992. Thanks to Mrs Jayalakshmi in West Mambalam, she resumed from where she lefy.  Jayalakshmi maami and her husband Narayanaswamy  maama were family friends to us for years . When  her marriage was fixed with Arunkumar, it was a pleasant surprise and a wonderful coincidence that Arunkumar’s father and Narayansawmy maama were close friends from their college days.


Deepa continued her Veena learning after the marriage and also while she in Bayarea, USA where Arun moved in 1997. After their return from US in the year 2002, she started to look for a new Guru as Jayalakshmi maami passed away. After finding Dr.Shobana Swaminathan (her Guru till date) she continued further. Deepa’s husband persuaded her to take up academic course when  Dr Shobana insisted her to do Masters in music  in Veena from University of Madras.  Dr. Shobana ‘s guidance and  full encouragement and support from Arunkumar and Bharathi maami (Deepas Mother in law) she was able to successfully complete MPhil as well from Vels University, Chennai.

Her earlier school education was from Vellore/Dindigul/Chennai & Madurai.   She completed her degree from Fathima College with destinction. The finer point is that she commuted to Madurai from Dindigul everyday, since Nagu was working as Lead Bank Manager in Dindigul.


More interestingly to share with all is that she did her School final by correspondence studies studying from Musaffarpur where Nagu was working between 1985-87 & writing her exam at Guntur, from Andhra University.   

This made her to face any odd situations firmly at any odd times. After coming back to India to look after her father-in-law Kalyanaraman & Bharathi mami,    she still continued her journey through Veena, thanks to her teacher Shobana and full support from her husband. She had joined many concerts along with her teacher & her group, performing at various vantage places. One of them at Vandalur where Sri Sri Ravishankar guruji of Art of Living convened huge MUSIC MASTERIO of all instruments including veena besides local artists in 2015.  There was another gala program arranged by Lakshman Shruthi & group in 2017 where she played veena along with her teachers & students and this was covered by TV channels.


Very recently she travelled along with her Guru and others to Madurai on 26th Jan, 2018 & performed Veena concerts with 69veenas (to celebrate 69th Republic Day), at Madurai Meenakshi Temple.

They were well received by the devotees of the temple. The same was telecasted by SANKARA TV & interview conducted by them.

Deepa joined with her teacher Shobana under the trust founded in 2015 “KALASANGAMAM”, Centre for Classical Arts conducting Carnatic music exams  both vocal and Instrumental music  where she is also trustee. She teaches veena at home and also in a nearby college as a part time faculty in veena.

She has also presented several papers which were published  and has written articles for musical journals.

Her article ‘Music Therapy ‘ in the book’ Samakalika Sangeetham’ is a noteworthy one.

It is worth mentioning that her first daughter Mrudula after her schooling in Chinmaya Vidyalaya & graduated from School of Social Work specializing Psychology, and currently pursuing her Research Masters in Cognitive NeuroScience from Rodbound University, Netherlands.

Her twin daughters Manisha/Maanasa also finished their schooling from Chinmaya Vidyalaya, now persuing degree courses Chemistry and Visual Arts in Stella Maris College as per their interests.

All the three are well trained in carnatic Music for more than 12 years besides Divine chantings, duly encouraged by her parents & Bharathimami.

Koratti family justifiably proud of her. Her  lovable husband Arunkumar is indeed the backbone of her encouraging and supporting her to persue further in Veena & music. Besides attending to routine works at home, she continued her passion for veena  by learning and teaching as well.

We wish her journey through music & veena continue and the best of all to her.