About the Book:

These six tales are filled with humor, passion, joys, sorrows and the whole gamut of human emotions that one encounters when two cultures meet. Whether you are from the Indian sub-continent or not, you will empathize with the characters. Having picked it up you will not put the book down until you have read it from cover to cover.

"The Celebrity" is a fiction keeping the reader riveted with its theme of horror, suspense, sensuality, romance, adventure and deceit.

"Coming To America" describes the challenges and joys of integrating into the American society, felt by a new Immigrant.

"Sojourn" shows how one's country of birth appears when revisited after several decades, in terms of perspectives, attitudes and changes that have taken place within that country and the visitor.

"Pot Shots At Hot Shots", describes probing questions and their tongue-in-the-cheek responses from people who guide the destinies of the World.

"Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained" is a very emotional true saga of how a family lost all it had in a political turmoil and regained it with grit, determination and several heart aches.

"Tryst With A Mystery Woman" is a fiction of what it would be like to visit your great-grandma from 5 generations ago.